Laksa King brings a touch of Malaysia to Flemington. Our menu offers a wide range of laksas that bring the best of flavours to the table. With a welcoming ambience, high-quality food, and authentic dishes, Laksa King ensures a dining experience to remember, without a hefty price tag.

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Laksa King focuses on fresh and high-quality ingredients. Most of our famous dishes are based on authentic Malaysian recipe which is created in Laksa King’s kitchen from scratch. Owner and culinary extraordinaire, Esmond has been in the restaurant business since the early 1980s. Head Chef, Mike Chen has more than 30 years’ experience including executive head chef in 5-star hotels and fine dining establishments.

Together, they continue to bring out new and exciting dishes forging authenticity while challenging the boundaries of Malaysian fusion cuisine.

You don’t have to travel far to enjoy authentic Malaysian food. Browse our menu to choose your dish!

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